A society living in harmony without any discrimination.


Peace, Justice, Equality, Cooperation and Mutual Participation.


VICTORY shall involve itself in activities such as Awareness Programmes, Academic-Education, Health Education, Social Education, Care Services, Nutrition, Vocational, Industrial, Agricultural  Training Centers, Construction of Houses, Roads, Bridges, Sanitary Blocks, Hostels, Orphanage, Schools, Community Centers, Home for Aged & Disabled.

To provide Education and Training, Life Settlement to the children of Autism, Severely Disabled and Learning Disabled Children, Hearing Impaired Children, Blind Children, C.P Children, Children with Special Needs, Infected / Affected by HIV / AIDS , Abandoned Children, Street/Working Children, Children of Life Prisoners, Dalit, Tribal and Other Backward Community Children, Children of Prostitutes, Children in Prostitution and Neglected Children.

  • To provide comprehensive rehabilitation services to the Differently abled Children, Young and Adults.
  • Propagate free and compulsory education for all.
  • To promote and protect child rights.
  • To promote the activities against poverty, hunger and diseases as par with the human rights as per the norms of the governments.
  • To extend helping hand to the downtrodden (Dalit, Tribal & Backward Communities) in the society.
  • Woman & Child Developmental programmes.
  • To empower the woman through self help group and skill development.
  • To give awareness on developmental schemes.
  • To act as a liaison between funding agency, donors and government and the beneficiaries for their development.
  • To establish educational and vocational training institutions as per the need of the society.
  • To promote eco-friendly activities.
  • To network with other like minded agencies.
  • To organize community awareness, workshops, seminars on the burning issues of the communities.
  • Environment & Energy.
  • Issues related to Climate change.
  • Agricultural research.
  • Biodiversity activities.
  • Water shed management.
  • Health and Sanitation