About us

The society is named “Victory India Charitable Tent Of Rescue Yacht”. As the two key words in the name ‘Tent’ and ‘Yacht’ indicate, two main kinds of activities namely ‘institutional’ and’ community based’ are being pursued. 

The “Victory  India   Charitable   Tent  of   Rescue  Yacht”, a non-profit organization started in the month of April 1989 with the sole aim of providing a comprehensive rehabilitation services to all kinds of Differently Abled, Dalit, Tribal and other Backward communities in the rural area of Kuppam constituency of Chittoor District in Andhrapradesh State.

To realize its objects, Victory Boarding School for Hearing Impaired was started in the month of July 1989 under residential care system. The founder started his career as a social worker serving in and around the Kuppam area and come across quite a number of Differently abled, Dalit, Tribal’s and other backward communities languishing in poverty. On seeing this he decided to raise their self esteem. This was the result of the beginning of this organization. This is a people’s oriented project for the people and by the people.